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Ferguson Auctioneering & Appraisal was founded by Lorne D Ferguson in 1984 and since that time has worked extensively in the auction and appraisal business. Ferguson Auctioneering and Appraisal offer auction services for all types of auctions such as Estate, Household, Antique, Farm and Heavy Equipment. "Charity Auctions are a Pleasure"
 Some of our past charity events include, "Every Kid's Park", Hospice Dufferin, Cinnamon Toast, Rotary and Lion's clubs, George Brown College, and various church groups and others.

  Its coming up to that time of year when you or someone you know may be planning an Auction. Why not put our expertise to work for you? We offer competitive rates and would appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you for our Free Consultation regarding your Sale or Appraisal.

   Having an Appraisal of your Personal Property is a way of ensuring that in case of a loss you have documented proof of your effects. A detailed report can be an effective tool when dealing with a loss or fire. It is always harder to appraise a family heirloom after a loss occurs, but with proper documentation it will make it easier to prove ownership and authenticity.

  Why not Contact us today and arrange for an inspection of your Personal Property? We look forward to hearing from you and working on your behalf.

  Lorne D Ferguson
  Ferguson Auctioneering & Appraisal

Contact us at fergusonauctions@gmail.com

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