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Perspective clients always have questions regarding auctions and appraisals. With each and every client we offer a free half hour consultation to ensure that you receive the best possible service we provide. Here are a few questions asked to us.
Q. How do you know how much my items are worth?
A. We continue to be market conscious to continue to have the latest market numbers available.
Q. When will a particular item be sold?
A. Auctions advance as per setup, before the sale starts a team will display your items for sale day, the auctioneer will then proceed through the items until all are sold.
Q. I need an appraisal on just one piece. Is that possible?
A. Yes, however all items depend upon whether or not you require only an opinion of Value or a written Report possibly for a certain reason.
Q. When my items are appraised and I like the values, may I sell them at your auction?
A. Yes and in my case we will at that time return the appraisal fee after items are sold.
Q. How am I guaranteed the appraisal value at auction?
A. In most cases it is not possible to guarantee a certain value for a particular item, however there are exceptions which can be discussed.
Q.I've heard that Estate auctions are usually very emotional and values are higher than normal auctions. Is this true?
A. Estate auctions certainly can be a very emotional time for family and friends.Watching personal items being sold can be very stressful. A more personal attachment is usually more predominant during an estate Sale which sometimes will influence the overall value.
Q. Do I need to be at my sale on the day of? I don't want to watch my items be sold because I am afraid they won't bring enough money?
A. No you do not need to be present during your sale, however whereas some items will sell for less than expected, other will sell for more. Remember the end result is what we are trying to attain. A skilled and experienced Auctioneer know how to achieve these goal. Hence why we offer our Consultation Services before sale as to ensure the highest value possible
Q. What kind of things do you Appraise?
A. We are Personal Property Appraisers, so anything which is regarded as personal effects such as household effects, autos, equipment, antiques, etc. Some special categories such as artwork and jewelry need to be appraised by professionals in that field. 
Q. How can I set up an appointment to have my items looked at?
A. Refer to our Contact Us page or send us an e-mail. We will be in touch asap.

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