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As much as our consulting services involve items in the Auction and Appraisal world, Ferguson Auctioneering and Appraisal can also provide a well needed service to individuals whom are seeking expertise in the auto industry. For most of us the Dealership showroom can be a very uncomfortable place and the transaction between salespeople and clients can be overwhelming. With years of experience in the auto industry and a Certificate from Wye Management(one of the industries leading automotive marketers), we can help with the transaction of purchasing a new or used vehicle, negotiate the deal and help with delivery with all the while putting your mind at ease knowing that you received the best deal possible and eliminated the painful process of purchasing yourself. Ferguson Auctioneering has provided this service to many clients helping them with consulting services to find the right vehicle for their needs, eliminate stress and use our expertise to "Save them Money"!Ferguson Auctioneering can even help sell your trade or negotiate it into the deal for your new vehicle. We are "Market Conscious" in the auto field always keeping up on values as they change from day to day. So whether you are looking for a New Vehicle or a slightly used one why not put our services to work for you? Contact us today so we can help you with the process of that vehicle purchase you may have been putting off. We are always happy to help and as always we do it at "Fair". We appreciate your business and want you to be able to tell your friends that you would recommend us to them as well. Contact us today.

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