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Ferguson Auctioneering & Appraisal

A Professional Canadian Personal Property Appraiser's designation was granted in March of 1998. Ferguson Auctioneering & Appraisal has had extensive experience in the evaluation and in estimating costs for Insurance, farm liquidation, heavy equipment for sale purposes and the involvement of many Estate evaluations, antique and household. We have also had extensive experience in providing professional reports to the Legal Profession for many years for Matrimonial situations. As well Ferguson Appraisals provides reports to the financial industry for business ventures and farm operating loans. Appraisals for custom and domestic autos as well as custom bikes for private and Insurance purposes.

A Professional Auctioneer since 1984 we have extensively engaged in the business of all types of auction services to a wide variety of clientele. Estate, Farm, Real estate, Household, Antique and Charity Auctions have been provided over the past 29 years. Actively involved in charity work and charity auctions we have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people and continue that work with pride.With extensive background experience in the farming, auto, sale and appraisal sectors just to name a few, Ferguson Auctioneering & Appraisal is a logical choice for professional service.

 Extensive Automotive Experience in buying and selling new and used vehicles. An Automotive Certificate from Wye Management was achieved in 1996. Wye Management is one of the most recognized automotive marketing programs in North America.
 We continue to be consultants and an alternative to negotiating a deal for your next new or used vehicle.

Farm Experience: Born and raised on a fourth generation family farm, owned and operated for over 35 years and retired farming in 2006, I have had extensive experience raising, buying and selling livestock and the fresh market potato operation. The family was actively involved in the purebred Aberdeen Angus business.

 Charity work has always been part of our company and continues to be. We have been actively involved in many worthwhile charity events over the years, and have worked with some wonderful people at different events.

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